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Lochaven Consulting is a focused consultancy with a proven global track record, devoted to assisting communities, governments, and businesses to be sustainable and self-sufficient in the 21st century.


Lochaven Consulting has a unique combination of skills and experiences as economic development and management consulting experts.  Over the years, we have built an enviable track record both domestically and internationally through a diverse client base that recognizes the level of expertise Lochaven Consulting brings to the table.

In today’s environment, change occurs faster than ever before and stakeholders demand solutions at the same pace of change.  At Lochaven Consulting, we assist in managing that change and seek opportunities to apply innovative solutions.  

Business Meeting

With decades of domestic and international experience, Lochaven Consulting has worked to support our clients to be competitive and transform their communities and businesses into diversified and sustainable mechanisms.


We work hand-in-hand with our clients to craft global best practices and inventive solutions. Our brand is built on not only exceeding expectations but building authentic relationships that work to collaboratively drive real outcomes.

Our process seeks to take our clients along the journey of building on assets, recognizing fruitful opportunities, and taking a practical approach as a team to address the challenges of business and economic development in these fluid times.  To Lochaven Consulting, this is an effort to build capacity within communities and organizations, leaving them equipped to continue to deliver positive outcomes long after we have provided our assistance. 


In order to continue to deliver results, our services must continue to adapt to our clients' ever-changing needs, however, our focus is on the following key areas of expertise:

  • Community & Economic Development Consulting

  • Private Sector Development Consulting

  • Management Consulting


As we believe in continuous advancement and education, our areas of expertise are built from modern-day experiences and assignments to solve modern-day challenges.  Given the broadness of our specialties and our key strategic alliances and connections throughout our extensive network of business professionals, we are able to take a variety of projects from the conception stage through design, implementation, and management. 

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