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Private Sector Development

Meeting the Staff

At Lochaven Consulting, we recognize the vital role the private sector plays in determining the growth, equity, and efficiency of development efforts. Furthermore, we understand how important a growing and vibrant enterprise sector is for effective private sector development.

Based on our extensive experience and knowledge of private sector development and particularly Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) development and social enterprises, we are able to offer a comprehensive array of consulting services encompassing policy, strategy, and implementation advice to governments, NGO’s, donor agencies, and private enterprises.

Specific services include:

  • Business and Sectoral Surveys, Research and Analyses

  • Mapping out Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Business Needs, and competitiveness levels

  • MSME Development Strategies

  • MSME Development Programming Mechanisms:

    • Micro-Credit

    • Small Business Incubators

    • Business Development/Service Centres

    • MSME Investment Partnering Programs

    • Demonstration Projects

  • Best Practice Assessments

  • Program Evaluations

  • Policy Reviews and Evaluations

  • Training for Practitioners

  • Project Management

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