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Community & Economic Development

Our team has a deep-rooted passion in assisting governments and communities in finding ways to remain sustainable and competitive in this fast-paced world.

The Lochaven team goes beyond your traditional economic development strategies and initiatives.  We don’t want to provide you something “off the shelf”, we want to get to know your community intimately and understand your true needs for your project. 


We recognize that context is paramount to creating sustainable development programming. In this way, we work collaboratively to define root causes and leverage our insights and experiences to find solutions that are outcome-focused, not output-focused. We guarantee a hands-on team with real globally influenced best practices and industry-specific knowledge.

Community Service

Over the years our civic engagement approach has given us the experience and shown us that there are a multitude of variables that go into effective economic development.  With our high touch approach to our clients, we work to find the unique solutions for their unique scenarios.  Whether that is working on economic, business, or social aspects – we are able to provide highly effective solutions for today’s challenges. 

Yet, whether we are assisting communities/regions that are experiencing significant dislocation brought on by industry closures, and/or political, economic and social adjustments, including changes inherent in transition economies or we are designing, participating and implementing projects targeted to support those citizens (women, youth, indigenous/aboriginal peoples) who face particular difficulties in their efforts to overcome social and economic marginalization, among other projects. It has been clear to us that there are many different facets, including the myriad of social aspects, that need to be addressed in order to provide a holistic solution with authentic outcomes.

Our consulting services include:


  • Community and Economic Development

  • Business Retention & Expansion Strategies

  • Investment Attraction

  • Research, Community SWOT’s and Impact Analyses

  • Sustainable Livelihoods, Small Enterprise and Peer Lending Initiatives

  • Market and Sector Analysis

  • Development and Revitalization Strategies

  • Community/Regional Business Development Plans

  • Community/Regional Marketing Development Plans

  • Tourism Development and Planning

  • Community and Economic Transition Planning

  • Best Practice Assessments

  • Program Evaluations

  • Policy Reviews and Evaluations

  • Training for Practitioners

  • Project Management


We work to solve social challenges with business and economic tactics and perspectives.  By taking a business and an economic lens into the social sphere, we are able to provide distinctive approaches to solving the social challenges that communities may face.

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