To provide further insight to the diversity of the Lochaven Consulting portfolio, we have provided a brief cursory overview of some previous assignments

With a strong emphasis on participatory planning and stakeholder engagement, we currently focus our practice in the following key specialties:









Each of these areas of specialization is supported by a diverse and comprehensive range of successful assignments.  Each project undertaken has consistently been completed on-time, within budget, and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

  • Strategic Planning

  • PPPs, JVs and Strategic Alliances

  • Market Investigations and Risk Analysis

  • Best Practice Assessments

  • Organizational/Operational Evaluations

  • Economic Impact Analysis

  • Environmental Scans and SWOTs

  • Workforce Strategies

  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

  • Policy Reviews and Evaluations

  • FDI and Trade Development

  • Entrepreneurial Programming

Representative List of Projects

Inbound Investment

  1. FDI Situational Analysis and Industry and Country Targeting – City of Penticton.

  2. Service Export Issues and the WTO – A Review of Policies and Practices - Discussion Points for Provincial/National Authorities.

  3. Investment Promotion/Attraction - Opportunities for Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances:  Investment Mission to Canada (Privatization Link).

  4. Investment Analysis – City of Vernon.

  5. Inbound Investment and Settler Attraction Marketing Plan

  6. Design and Implement Informational Technology Trade Mission Ukraine/Canada

  7. Business Attraction Investment Profile for the North Okanagan PEMDI Project - “Invest in the North Okanagan”.

  8. Inbound Investment Plan Town of Bon Accord

  9. Regional Employment Lands Action Plan – North Okanagan Regional District (including 9 communities)  


Site Selection and Feasibility

  • Biomass Energy Project Eastern Europe - Active Energy (London)

  • Corporate Training and Retreat Centre British Columbia – Thought Dept.

  • Greenhouse and Farm – Yukon

  • Public Market – Vernon BC

  • Bread Gardens –British Columbia

  • Mixed Use Land Development (Commercial, High Density and Low Density Combination) – Alberta

  • Mixed Use (Apartment and Commercial) Development - Edmonton Alberta Treaty 8

  • Aggregate Destitution Hub – Alberta



PSD Sector Investigations/Strategies

  1. Economic Impact of KVR Rail line Abandonment on Shippers.

  2. Economic Impact of Okanagan Hockey School and Academy.

  3. Program Design: Canada - Alberta Nutritive Processing Agreement.

  4. A Review and Assessment of Private Sector Development [REE] Programming in Transition Countries (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia).

  5. Product and Marketing Strategy for a Resort Hotel, Sylvan Lake, Alberta.

  6. Design and Implementation Profile for a Festival Marketplace, Sylvan Lake.

  7. Value Added Agriculture Development and PSD Revitalization Strategies for Success: Oziori, Russia.

  8. Tourism Promotion Initiatives and Work Plans, Vermilion River, Alberta.

  9. Industrial, Commercial and Tourism Development Strategies for Success: Manado, Indonesia.

  10. Defining SME Development Priorities (Needs Analysis): Syktivkar & Khaborovsk, Russia.

  11. Supporting Small Business and Economic Development in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine (SBEDIF).

  12. Opportunities and Strategies to Enhance Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Vyazimsky, Russia; North Sulewesi, Indonesia; Grand Forks, Canada.

  13. Private Sector Development Options (Forestry and Value Added Wood; Commercial/Professional Services; Innovation in Emerging Sectors): Strategies for Success: RMWB, Canada.

  14. Greenhouse Feasibility Study and Business Plan – Town of Faro

  15. Tourism Area Development Plan – Blueberry River First Nation


Clusters and Competitiveness

  1. Cluster investigations, program design, recruitment and facilitation: pottery and rattan furniture (Indonesia).


Competitiveness Strategies

  1. Guide: Sustainable Development And International Business.

  2. Guide: Establishing Business Development Advisory Services in Rural Communities of Indonesia.

  3. Guide: Establishing A Business Development Centre Within the Russian Federation.

  4. Regional Centre for SME Development: Feasibility Study And Implementation Plan

  5. Feasibility Study/Implementation Plan for a SME Business Incubator in Northern Canada.

  6. Strategic Plan for the Zhukovsky Business Development Centre.  

  7. Feasibility Study and Business Plan for an Aboriginal Capital Corporation.

  8. Strategic Plan for the KAPET Manado - Bitung Business Information Centre.

  9. Operational and Human Resource Plan for Wild Rose Business Development Corporation


Community/Regional Economic Development (PSD) Strategies

  1. Emerging Growth Opportunities in East-Central Alberta.

  2. Economic Transition/Revitalization Strategies: Kirovo-Chepetsk, and Zhukovsky, Russia; Grand Forks, Midway and District of Mackenzie, Canada.

  3. Regional Economic Development Strategy: Regional Municipality Of Wood Buffalo, Alberta (Fort McMurray)

  4. Regional Economic Development Strategy: Village of Clinton and Town Of Bon Accord, Alberta

  5. Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods Development – Kamchatka, Oblast.

  6. Supporting Regional Economic Development: The Opportunities and Challenges of Devolving Authority between Federal/Regional and Local Agencies. Khaborovsky Krai, (Russia)

  7. Economic Development Strategies: Manado, Indonesia; Red Deer, North Okanagan, and Lloydminster, Canada; Oziori, Vyazemski, Russia.

  8. Community Revitalization Strategy – Kimberley, British Columbia.

  9. Business Plan for Regional Economic Development in GROWTH, Alberta.

  10. Work Plan - Promoting Tourism Investment Opportunities, Grande Alberta Economic Region.


PPPs, JVs and Strategic Alliances

  1. The International Application of PPPs in Sustainable Development

  2. Strategic Alliance (development/facilitation): Canora Asia Inc (30 SMEs); Focus: South East Asia.

  3. Strategic Alliances (development): Public Market

  4. Strategic Alliance (development/facilitation): Canadian International Environmental Group Inc. (8 SMEs); Focus: Mexico.

  5. PEP and IFC-Pensa (International Finance Corporation) Program Collaboration Proposal.

  6. A Guide to Establishing Flexible Business Networks.

  7. Investment Promotion/Attraction - Opportunities for Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances:  Canada and Russia.


Market Investigations and Risk Analysis

  1. Investment Profile for a Farmers and Public Markets, Bon Accord Alberta.

  2. 70+ Case Assignments on behalf of Lending/Credit Authorities: Financial/Credit Risk Analysis (Due Diligence): Project Range: $25,000 to $10,000,000.  New Product Development and/or Expansions; Revitalizations; and/or Retrenchment: from artwork and craft production; to value added agriculture and food production (e.g. confections; exotic breeding; pet food; poultry); to value added wood and furniture manufacturing; to commercial/residential land development; to power systems, marine craft manufacture, multi-passenger vehicle (bus) manufacturing; to fitness studios, consulting services and web design.

  3. Opportunities for Trade and Investment in Forest Products, Value Added Wood, Agricultural and Tourism Products (Komi Republic, Russia).

  4. Site Location Assistance To Selected Companies Engaged In: Metal Fabrication; Value Added Food; Tourism; Medical Supplies; Service Commercial: Canada, Indonesia, Russia.

  5. Organization and Delivery of Business Opportunity Workshops (From Ideas to Opportunities) – Canada, Indonesia, Russia, China.


Workforce Strategies

  1. Pacific Northwest Gateway Skills Initiative: A Regional HR Strategy.

  2. Boundary Region Skilled Trades Investigation.

  3. Employment Options/Interning for Youth in Russia’s SME Sector.

  4. Human Resource Development Plan for the Metal Fabrication Industry (Canada).

  5. Job Creation through Small Business Development:  OECD Countries Experience Transferred to the Russian Federation.

  6. Employment and Self-Employment Programming Options for Unemployed Women in Gansu Province, China.

  7. Regional Employment/Labour Market Issues/Challenges and Opportunities: DOFTEC Mission to Canada.

  8. An Investigation of Efforts to Promote Self Employment as a Labour Market Adjustment Policy in Model C Employment Centers: A Case Study of Saransk Mordovian Republic.

  9. Skills and Training Needs Study – North Okanagan Regional District.

  10. The Transition from Unemployment to Self-Employment - Lessons from Developed and Transition Economies. 

  11. The Challenges Of and Opportunities For Youth Employment in Selected Rural Communities of Russia.


Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

  1. Feasibility Study of a Public Market (with 3P), Vernon British Columbia.

  2. Feasibility Study of an Open Air Art Market, Vernon British Columbia.

  3. A Market Analysis and Feasibility Study on the Use of Portable Forestry Mill Technology - Small Scale Applications: Canada

  4. A Market Analysis and Feasibility Study on the Use of Public (Multi Use Space) for a Public Market

  5. Portable Forestry Mill Technology - Small Scale Applications: Canada

  6. The Feasibility of Developing Entrepreneurial Ventures Based on the Traditional Knowledge and Skills of Rural Populations In Depressed Northern Regions of Russia:  Vel’skiy District, Arkhangelsk Oblast.

  7. A Comprehensive Feasibility Analysis and Strategic Business Plan for the Bottling, Marketing and Distribution of Glacial Water.  Canada

  8. Opportunities for the Commercialization of Selected Technologies, Troitsk, Russia.

  9. A Feasibility Analysis and Implementation Plan for a Multi-Branch Credit Union (Canada).

  10. Business Plan for an Enhanced Technology Center (Canada).

  11. Feasibility Study and Business Plan for a Lake Side Hotel and Resort, Widgeon Creek, British Columbia.

  12. Feasibility Study and Investment Profile: Jabeka Industrial Park, North Sulewesi, Indonesia.

  13. Feasibility Study And Business Plan For Commercial Marina Development: Indonesia.


Financing: Micro-credit & Peer Lending

  1. Program Design: A Regional Micro-Credit Program for Small Enterprise Development in Ivanova and Kirov Oblasts, Russia. 

  2. Micro Credit Program Design in Canada: North Okanagan CFDC, British Columbia; Red Deer, Cochrane, Lloydminister and Drayton Valley (CFDC), Alberta.

  3. Situational Assessment and Micro-credit Program Design: Kamchatka Oblast. 

  4. Program Design and Implementation: Peer Lending Program for Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Indonesia (Aceh, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Denpassar).

  5. A Review of Existing Financing Programs and an Exploration of Alternative Financing for New Entrepreneurs in Indonesia. 

  6. Micro Credit Program Design/Implementation:  Eighteen Rural/Remote Communities throughout Russia:  Zhukovsky, Mytishchi, Pushkino, Voskresensk, Torzhok, Rzhev, Kimry, Vishny-Volochok, Bezhetsk, Kaluga, Ludinovo, Ulyanovsk, Sarapul, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Dzherzhinsk, Ruzaevka, Kambarka, and Morzhga.


Best Practice Assessments

  1. Public and Farmers Market Best Practice Assessment.

  2. Evolution and Best Practices of Local Economic Development in Canada.

  3. Innovative Mechanism for Financing of Local Economic Development Initiatives. 

  4. International Business and Sustainable Development.

  5. Handbook of Best Practices   for SME Service Providers.

  6. An Evaluation of Community Initiatives Programming in the Columbia Basin.

  7. An Evaluation of Arts, Culture and Heritage Programming in the Columbia Basin.

  8. Building Livable Communities – Lessons in  Community Economic Development.

  9. A Handbook for Young Entrepreneurs.

  10. Principles of Competency Standards for Managers – Some Guidelines for Developing Enterprises.

  11. The development/delivery of several Training Programs and Seminars based on best practices, including: (1) Community Development Principles For Local And Regional Administrations; (2) Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Business Planning; (3) Identifying And Evaluating Business Opportunities; (4)  Principles Of Marketing A Product Or Service; and, (5) The Challenges and Prospects for Youth Entrepreneurship; and (6) Counselling Skills for Business Counsellors; (8) Credit management skills for Micro-lenders.


Civil Society

  1. Local Governance and Civic Engagement in Rural Russia.

  2. Empowering Youth Through Enterprise: Program Design and Delivery In Russia.

  3. Strategic Plan for An Affordable Housing Initiative, Canada.

  4. Association Development: Social Business Centers of Russia.

  5. Organization of a Community Centre for Sustainable Development, Komi Republic.

  6. Gender Employment Strategies/Options in Kirov Region.

  7. Strategic Plan: Partners in Action: A Community Response to  Inner-city Crime