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To provide further insight to the diversity of the Lochaven Consulting portfolio, we have provided a brief cursory overview of some previous assignments

With a strong emphasis on participatory planning and stakeholder engagement, we currently focus our practice in the following key specialties:


Each of these areas of specialization is supported by a diverse and comprehensive range of successful assignments.  Each project undertaken has consistently been completed on-time, within budget, and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

  • Strategic Planning

  • PPPs, JVs, and Strategic Alliances

  • Market Investigations and Risk Analysis

  • Best Practice Assessments

  • Organizational/Operational Evaluations

  • Economic Impact Analysis

  • Environmental Scans and SWOTs

  • Workforce Strategies

  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

  • Policy Reviews and Evaluations

  • FDI and Trade Development

  • Entrepreneurial Programming

Representative List of Projects

Inbound Investment

  • FDI Situational Analysis and Industry and Country Targeting – City of Penticton.

  • Service Export Issues and the WTO – A Review of Policies and Practices - Discussion Points for Provincial/National Authorities.

  • Investment Promotion/Attraction - Opportunities for Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances:  Investment Mission to Canada (Privatization Link).

  • Investment Analysis – City of Vernon.

  • Inbound Investment and Settler Attraction Marketing Plan

  • Design and Implement Informational Technology Trade Mission Ukraine/Canada

  • Business Attraction Investment Profile for the North Okanagan PEMDI Project - “Invest in the North Okanagan”.

  • Inbound Investment Plan Town of Bon Accord

  • Regional Employment Lands Action Plan – North Okanagan Regional District (including 9 communities)  


Site Selection and Feasibility

  • Biomass Energy Project Eastern Europe - Active Energy (London)

  • Corporate Training and Retreat Centre British Columbia – Thought Dept.

  • Greenhouse and Farm – Yukon

  • Public Market – Vernon BC

  • Bread Gardens –British Columbia

  • Mixed-Use Land Development (Commercial, High Density, and Low Density Combination) – Alberta

  • Mixed-Use (Apartment and Commercial) Development - Edmonton Alberta Treaty 8

  • Aggregate Destitution Hub – Alberta


PSD Sector Investigations/Strategies

  • Economic Impact of KVR Rail line Abandonment on Shippers.

  • Economic Impact of Okanagan Hockey School and Academy.

  • Program Design: Canada - Alberta Nutritive Processing Agreement.

  • A Review and Assessment of Private Sector Development [REE] Programming in Transition Countries (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia).

  • Product and Marketing Strategy for a Resort Hotel, Sylvan Lake, Alberta.

  • Design and Implementation Profile for a Festival Marketplace, Sylvan Lake.

  • Value-Added Agriculture Development and PSD Revitalization Strategies for Success: Oziori, Russia.

  • Tourism Promotion Initiatives and Work Plans, Vermilion River, Alberta.

  • Industrial, Commercial and Tourism Development Strategies for Success: Manado, Indonesia.

  • Defining SME Development Priorities (Needs Analysis): Syktivkar & Khaborovsk, Russia.

  • Supporting Small Business and Economic Development in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine (SBEDIF).

  • Opportunities and Strategies to Enhance Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Vyazimsky, Russia; North Sulewesi, Indonesia; Grand Forks, Canada.

  • Private Sector Development Options (Forestry and Value Added Wood; Commercial/Professional Services; Innovation in Emerging Sectors): Strategies for Success: RMWB, Canada.

  • Greenhouse Feasibility Study and Business Plan – Town of Faro

  • Tourism Area Development Plan – Blueberry River First Nation


Clusters and Competitiveness

  • Cluster investigations, program design, recruitment, and facilitation: pottery and rattan furniture (Indonesia).


Competitiveness Strategies

  • Guide: Sustainable Development And International Business.

  • Guide: Establishing Business Development Advisory Services in Rural Communities of Indonesia.

  • Guide: Establishing A Business Development Centre Within the Russian Federation.

  • Regional Centre for SME Development: Feasibility Study And Implementation Plan

  • Feasibility Study/Implementation Plan for an SME Business Incubator in Northern Canada.

  • Strategic Plan for the Zhukovsky Business Development Centre.  

  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan for an Aboriginal Capital Corporation.

  • Strategic Plan for the KAPET Manado - Bitung Business Information Centre.

  • Operational and Human Resource Plan for Wild Rose Business Development Corporation


Community/Regional Economic Development (PSD) Strategies

  • Emerging Growth Opportunities in East-Central Alberta.

  • Economic Transition/Revitalization Strategies: Kirovo-Chepetsk, and Zhukovsky, Russia; Grand Forks, Midway and District of Mackenzie, Canada.

  • Regional Economic Development Strategy: Regional Municipality Of Wood Buffalo, Alberta (Fort McMurray)

  • Regional Economic Development Strategy: Village of Clinton and Town Of Bon Accord, Alberta

  • Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods Development – Kamchatka, Oblast.

  • Supporting Regional Economic Development: The Opportunities and Challenges of Devolving Authority between Federal/Regional and Local Agencies. Khaborovsky Krai, (Russia)

  • Economic Development Strategies: Manado, Indonesia; Red Deer, North Okanagan, and Lloydminster, Canada; Oziori, Vyazemski, Russia.

  • Community Revitalization Strategy – Kimberley, British Columbia.

  • Business Plan for Regional Economic Development in GROWTH, Alberta.

  • Work Plan - Promoting Tourism Investment Opportunities, Grande Alberta Economic Region.


PPPs, JVs, and Strategic Alliances

  • The International Application of PPPs in Sustainable Development

  • Strategic Alliance (development/facilitation): Canora Asia Inc (30 SMEs); Focus: South East Asia.

  • Strategic Alliances (development): Public Market

  • Strategic Alliance (development/facilitation): Canadian International Environmental Group Inc. (8 SMEs); Focus: Mexico.

  • PEP and IFC-Pensa (International Finance Corporation) Program Collaboration Proposal.

  • A Guide to Establishing Flexible Business Networks.

  • Investment Promotion/Attraction - Opportunities for Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances:  Canada and Russia.


Market Investigations and Risk Analysis

  • Investment Profile for a Farmers and Public Markets, Bon Accord Alberta.

  • 70+ Case Assignments on behalf of Lending/Credit Authorities: Financial/Credit Risk Analysis (Due Diligence): Project Range: $25,000 to $10,000,000.  New Product Development and/or Expansions; Revitalizations; and/or Retrenchment: from artwork and craft production; to value added agriculture and food production (e.g. confections; exotic breeding; pet food; poultry); to value added wood and furniture manufacturing; to commercial/residential land development; to power systems, marine craft manufacture, multi-passenger vehicle (bus) manufacturing; to fitness studios, consulting services and web design.

  • Opportunities for Trade and Investment in Forest Products, Value Added Wood, Agricultural and Tourism Products (Komi Republic, Russia).

  • Site Location Assistance To Selected Companies Engaged In: Metal Fabrication; Value Added Food; Tourism; Medical Supplies; Service Commercial: Canada, Indonesia, Russia.

  • Organization and Delivery of Business Opportunity Workshops (From Ideas to Opportunities) – Canada, Indonesia, Russia, China.


Workforce Strategies

  • Pacific Northwest Gateway Skills Initiative: A Regional HR Strategy.

  • Boundary Region Skilled Trades Investigation.

  • Employment Options/Interning for Youth in Russia’s SME Sector.

  • Human Resource Development Plan for the Metal Fabrication Industry (Canada).

  • Job Creation through Small Business Development:  OECD Countries Experience Transferred to the Russian Federation.

  • Employment and Self-Employment Programming Options for Unemployed Women in Gansu Province, China.

  • Regional Employment/Labour Market Issues/Challenges and Opportunities: DOFTEC Mission to Canada.

  • An Investigation of Efforts to Promote Self Employment as a Labour Market Adjustment Policy in Model C Employment Centers: A Case Study of Saransk Mordovian Republic.

  • Skills and Training Needs Study – North Okanagan Regional District.

  • The Transition from Unemployment to Self-Employment - Lessons from Developed and Transition Economies. 

  • The Challenges Of and Opportunities For Youth Employment in Selected Rural Communities of Russia.


Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

  • Feasibility Study of a Public Market (with 3P), Vernon British Columbia.

  • Feasibility Study of an Open Air Art Market, Vernon British Columbia.

  • A Market Analysis and Feasibility Study on the Use of Portable Forestry Mill Technology - Small Scale Applications: Canada

  • A Market Analysis and Feasibility Study on the Use of Public (Multi Use Space) for a Public Market

  • Portable Forestry Mill Technology - Small Scale Applications: Canada

  • The Feasibility of Developing Entrepreneurial Ventures Based on the Traditional Knowledge and Skills of Rural Populations In Depressed Northern Regions of Russia:  Vel’skiy District, Arkhangelsk Oblast.

  • A Comprehensive Feasibility Analysis and Strategic Business Plan for the Bottling, Marketing and Distribution of Glacial Water.  Canada

  • Opportunities for the Commercialization of Selected Technologies, Troitsk, Russia.

  • A Feasibility Analysis and Implementation Plan for a Multi-Branch Credit Union (Canada).

  • Business Plan for an Enhanced Technology Center (Canada).

  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan for a Lake Side Hotel and Resort, Widgeon Creek, British Columbia.

  • Feasibility Study and Investment Profile: Jabeka Industrial Park, North Sulewesi, Indonesia.

  • Feasibility Study And Business Plan For Commercial Marina Development: Indonesia.


Financing: Micro-credit & Peer Lending

  • Program Design: A Regional Micro-Credit Program for Small Enterprise Development in Ivanova and Kirov Oblasts, Russia. 

  • Micro Credit Program Design in Canada: North Okanagan CFDC, British Columbia; Red Deer, Cochrane, Lloydminister and Drayton Valley (CFDC), Alberta.

  • Situational Assessment and Micro-credit Program Design: Kamchatka Oblast. 

  • Program Design and Implementation: Peer Lending Program for Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Indonesia (Aceh, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Denpassar).

  • A Review of Existing Financing Programs and an Exploration of Alternative Financing for New Entrepreneurs in Indonesia. 

  • Micro Credit Program Design/Implementation:  Eighteen Rural/Remote Communities throughout Russia:  Zhukovsky, Mytishchi, Pushkino, Voskresensk, Torzhok, Rzhev, Kimry, Vishny-Volochok, Bezhetsk, Kaluga, Ludinovo, Ulyanovsk, Sarapul, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Dzherzhinsk, Ruzaevka, Kambarka, and Morzhga.


Best Practice Assessments

  • Public and Farmers Market Best Practice Assessment.

  • Evolution and Best Practices of Local Economic Development in Canada.

  • Innovative Mechanism for Financing of Local Economic Development Initiatives. 

  • International Business and Sustainable Development.

  • Handbook of Best Practices for SME Service Providers.

  • An Evaluation of Community Initiatives Programming in the Columbia Basin.

  • An Evaluation of Arts, Culture and Heritage Programming in the Columbia Basin.

  • Building Livable Communities – Lessons in  Community Economic Development.

  • A Handbook for Young Entrepreneurs.

  • Principles of Competency Standards for Managers – Some Guidelines for Developing Enterprises.

  • The development/delivery of several Training Programs and Seminars based on best practices, including: (1) Community Development Principles For Local And Regional Administrations; (2) Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Business Planning; (3) Identifying And Evaluating Business Opportunities; (4)  Principles Of Marketing A Product Or Service; and, (5) The Challenges and Prospects for Youth Entrepreneurship; and (6) Counselling Skills for Business Counsellors; (8) Credit management skills for Micro-lenders.


Civil Society

  • Local Governance and Civic Engagement in Rural Russia.

  • Empowering Youth Through Enterprise: Program Design and Delivery In Russia.

  • Strategic Plan for An Affordable Housing Initiative, Canada.

  • Association Development: Social Business Centers of Russia.

  • Organization of a Community Centre for Sustainable Development, Komi Republic.

  • Gender Employment Strategies/Options in Kirov Region.

  • Strategic Plan: Partners in Action: A Community Response to Inner-city Crime

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